iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

Price: $3,999.00
SKU: iRobot Roomba 650


Thoroughly clean different types of flooring
Roomba cleans away dirt, dust, hair and debris from carpets, hardwoods, tiles and laminate floors, and Roomba automatically adjusts to different floor surfaces as you clean your home. Equipped with AeroVac ™ Technology, Roomba 650 makes it easy to handle hair, pet fur, cotton and carpet fluff fibers.

Patented three-stage cleaning system
A rotating edge brush sweeps along the edge of the wall, while a pair of opposite-rotating brushes sweep dust, debris and pet hair from the floor into the bin.

AeroVac ™ Technology
Optimized airflow design can pull the hair out of the brush and lead to the trash can, which can hold more dust than the previous generation and reduce the number of trash needs to be cleaned.

Improved brush design
Improved brush design and optimized airflow design allow more hair to be pulled out of the brush and led into the AeroVac ™ bin. The reduction of hair on the brush head made Roomba longer and more thoroughly cleanable.

Clean the floor of your floor multiple times
Equipped with iAdapt® reactive navigation technology, iRobot’s state-of-the-art software and sensor systems allow Roomba to make as many as 60 decisions in a second. Make Roomba cover each corner multiple times, sweeping it more thoroughly. Roomba easily moves under furniture, under the edge of walls, under the bed and under curtains, away from stairs and through loose wires.

Dirt detection
Roomba uses sound sensors to detect dirty areas and then clean the area.

Press the button or set the cleaning time in advance, you can keep your home clean
For convenience, the Roomba 650 automatically starts working at your pre-set cleaning time or when you press the CLEAN button and will automatically return to the dock for charging and charging.

Default cleaning time
Preset once daily, up to seven times a week for cleaning times.

Virtual wall technology
The virtual wall barrier can restrict the robot from cleaning in a specific area.

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