Choosing Metal Detectors For Kids

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The shaft can be extended to 2.25 feet in length to accommodate children of all heights. At $73, the 3lbs device comes packaged with a user friendly manual and a coin guide along with a 12-coin wallet and a coin folder. It can detect coins up to a depth of 5″ and up to 24′ for larger pieces of metal. It has a battery ok test shows how long you have left before the device drops dead. When looking for metal detectors for kids, the task at hand may falsely appear simple, when in actual sense is a bit nerve-wrecking and confusing.

Designed with kids in mind, they’ll have a ball fossicking with the Ground EFX MC1 youth metal detector. We love that this super-cheap metal detector child’s metal detector comes with a 10-year warranty. Easy to assemble – little people will be eager to get started, so buying a metal detector that’s easy to assemble will keep the whining to a minimum.

The search coil is a respectable 10 inches square and reaches 12 inches beneath the soil. A great majority of professional detectorists trust Minelab to come up with the goods, and they frequently make appearances in ‘top metal detector’ lists.

Your child may also want check out our beginner’s guide and tips page for help getting started. The best kid’s metal detectors provide plenty of features and settings, so there is lots of scope for learning and improvement. While the base detector is always the same, make sure you check what the kit includes. On a side note, different stores may sell a detector with a variety of accessories.

Even archaeologists use metal detectors to look for ancient buried ruins. Relic hunting takes you back to previous centuries and usually involves fairly old finds. Now that the theme of this month is Trinkets and Treasures, I was curious once again about those metal detectors and how they worked.

Certain types of metal detector coils can be easily damaged, so when we set out on the mission to find detectors we recommend for kids to use, we wanted to make sure we found ones that can stand the use and abuse from beginners. As we wrote in our guide on how to choose a metal detector, it’s also very important to consider where you will be searching and what you are searching for.

With this powerful and versatile device, you can hunt for coins, relics, jewelry, gold, and silver just about anywhere. AFV actually has a couple videos like this one featuring parents who used metal detectors to reveal the coin or coins their child just swallowed. Nevertheless, if you stick with the right options, you can expect the device to last for a long time. Since it is very lightweight, your kids can have fun even if they use it for a long time.

Comparing Essential Criteria In Children’s Metal Detector

Popular for children of all ages, modern technology has allowed for these new-age devices that are more powerful than ever before, so your child can accurately and precisely pinpoint hidden items, giving them the opportunity to discover what lies beneath the surface. Lightweight, inexpensive and perfectly designed for children and adults alike, these traditional devices can provide hours of fun for your kids, wherever they are. There’s nothing more exciting than looking for buried treasure, an activity that your children will love. You can search with most of the metal detectors above in shallow waters.

Furthermore, there is not a lot of intricacies involved with the Bounty Hunter junior metal detector. Read our full review of the Ground EFX MC1 youth metal detector.

When you buy this detector, you can select from two different coil sizes (8″ and 5.75″). In fact, many serious treasure hunters who use $1k+ detectors often keep the Compadre in their truck as a backup machine in case something happens to their primary detector. Again the machine will take it’s best guess (based on several factors) as to the approximate depth of the target in the ground so you know how deep to dig. The first two detectors we talked about only have an analog meter which shows you the strength of the signal whereas this detector will try to guess what the target is (coin, jewelry, trash, etc.). Also, consider that buying a detector with more features will allow the child to grow into the machine and be able to use it for years to come.

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