Bosso HK has been a pioneer to provide effective olutions and services as agent to all customers and help establish brand value and presence in the market. Both the core and non-core businesses of Bosso HK have great success over the past years. Sales strategies via shops or online, tailor-made promotion strategies are formulated for different business partners to achieve greatest promotion results with minimum cost.

Media Distribution
In this booming era of new digital media, Bosso HK has taken its advantage as a a�?super-agenta�? with sound grasp of the latest information of high-tech products worldwide even as early as at product design and development stage, to disseminate new trends and technology to customers. Bosso HK has been a reliable friend to its consumers, guiding them to make the right choices of quality products.

Distribution Network
Bosso HK operates a wide distribution betwork that includes entity shops for electrical products, shops for selling of kitchen cabinets, interior design companies, architecture companies, air-conditioning and construction companies. Other channels include department stores such as Sogo Hong Kong, Yata, Jusco, Citistore, as well as some online platforms in Hong Kong and China. By means of the vast college paper writers distribution network of Bosso HK, products can be sold rapidly with a significant coverage in the market.