Company Profile

About Us
Bosso HK Limited (a�?Bosso HKa�?), formerly known as a�?Global Buying Trade Centera�?, was founded in Hong Kong since 1997. As both the agent and distributor of high-quality electrical appliances from countries worldwide, the company focuses its core business on the trading of electrical appliances and have established a wide distribution network from our valuable experience acquired over the past two decades. Bosso HK has been sourcing for customers the latest high-tech electrical appliances from countries all over the world, promoting a kaleidoscope of products which allows a variety of choices for consumers. In view of the growing market demand in recent years, Bosso HK has further extended its business to a more diversified product coverage, which includes office automation products, beauty equipment, medical appliances, rehabilitation and health care products.

Market Advantage
Bosso HK has one of the greatest founding teams in Hong Kong which comprises of experts in professions such as marketing, statistics, media advertising, retailing, online sales, interior design, etc. The team has unique and remarkable insights on understanding the needs of business companies, conducting analysis on market situations, as well as formulating sales and promotion strategies. Bosso HK is strong at keeping pace with the ever-changing consumer market trends and taking opportunities to formulate the marketing plans in a timely and effective way. Through its modern promotion strategies and distinctive distribution channels, Bosso HK has helped many companies to penetrate their products into their target markets rapidly, as well as to establish good reputation and excellent track record of success.

Service Commitment
As an international commercial centre, Hong Kong is the central point for bringing consumer products from worldwide to China, and vice versa. It is also a crucial place for testing the potential attractiveness of products to other countries. In this small but glamorous place, many companies are eager to bring their new brands to join the competition in the market, including well-established multinational companies and new investors from China. Every year, over a hundred billion dollars have been spent as the advertising cost for consumer products amid the vigorous competition in the industry. It is certain that some of the brands have become popular because of such promotions. However, ineffective advertising strategies with huge amount spent have also led to downsizing of some corporations. In the Hong Kong consumer market, it is not surprising to see that many corporations are willing to invest as much as over ten million dollars essay writer on advertising. In fact, is it necessary for marketers to spend that much to build brand awareness? If not, what is the key to employ marketing strategies effectively in an alternative way? Bosso HK has been playing the role as a market explorer to help expand the potential markets of products for business companies step by step. We wish to help corporates create the greatest market impact with the least amount of advertising budget spent and achieve successful results in a market of vigorous competition.

Target Customers
To provide better service, Bosso HK has been in connection with a growing number of public and private organizations. Our service network includes government departments, hospitals, community associations, charity organizations, environmental protection organizations, tertiary institutions, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, property development companies, ownersa�� corporations, offices, hotel restaurants, and different chain stores, etc.

Future Planning
Bosso HK is highly responsible for its employees, business partners and the society while maintaining reputable standatd in its service. Continuing our success and with confidence in our future businesses, we wish to achieve a win-win situation with all business partners and consumers and to become a pioneering leader in the industry globally.essay online here